What is GainPay?

GainPay is a fully decentralized (multi-centralized) global clearing and settlement system, which includes a derivative digital foreign exchange warrants trading platform. It is developed and operated by Gain Cities Limited, this system has perfect functions for global clearing and settlement and has payment transaction also. It get high availability, more stable and/or diverse operation capabilities by the usage of side chain + cross-chain technology and distributed computing technology.

Decentralized (multi-centralized) global clearing and settlement system

Support traditional mobile payment

Decentralized wallet

Various payment equipment

Global payment chain

Bookkeeping node

settlement node

Distributed computing

Main chain and side chain

Cross chain system

Core Products

Decentralized global clearing system
GainPay Digital Forex Warrants Trading Platform
Equity Pass GPAY

Core services

Decentralized global clearing system

GainPay offers such a system: Comprehensive payment system, a global payment chain. Through Comprehensive payment, GainPay ensures to meet merchants’ requirements and users’ usage requirements. Through this payment chain, GainPay enables different credit subjects, as well as different individuals, to do the distrust clearing and settlement, by this way, anyone's assets can be transferred freely worldwide.

Digital foreign exchange warrant trading platform

GainPay digital foreign exchange warrant trading platform is the derivative of GainPay global clearing and settlement system. It is based on the special features of GainPay digital currency payment system, side chain, main chain, cross-chain and distributed computing. GainPay also has decentralized wallet and introduced into digital currency acceptors,which makes exchanges more convenient, simple and quick.

Both parties to the transaction are more focused on demand or service

GainPay payment scenario introduction

Through GainPay, merchants and users have retained their existing habits and added convenience during the payment settlement process.

User RMB payment

Users use Alipay and WeChat to pay RMB directly in any area. Without regard to exchange restrictions, and domestic support Pay the same experience

Merchant billing experience

When facing global Chinese consumers, global merchants can directly specify the type of legal currency they need, and the local clearing house (self-operated or cooperative) will settle the corresponding legal currency.

User digital currency payment

Global users can pay any digital currency directly through the GainPay Eco Wallet for a more convenient payment experience.

Seamless support for digital currency

Support more payment methods, get more customers, and more sales. In the process, the direct settlement gets the required legal currency without having to care about what digital currency is.

Payment equipment

GainPay prepared enough payment equipment for various payment situations.


Integrated GCXT-POS is formed into desktop and hand hood. You can use either a credit card payment or GainPay wallet payment without barriers.


GCXT-ATM can provide direct service for customers to withdrew their local legal tender which is exchanged from GCXT.


Ecological cooperation

Through GainPay, merchants and users have retained their existing habits and added convenience during the payment settlement process.

Join the payment chain

Become a settlement node

Become a billing node

Join the payment ecology

Issuing tokens

Become a channel

Cooperative institution

Government agency
Financial institution
Non-financial institution

GainPay Eco Partner

GainPay has established deep cooperation with Hong Kong, Mexico, dubai, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Uganda, mozambique, boswana, dubai, Rwanda, Madagascar and other countries and regions, and some countries and regions will soon have payment and trading licenses. In these countries and regions, GCXT(Uniformly referred to as a stable digital currency anchored to a specific country or region) has the legal rights of "coin". And the corresponding GCXT is issued in the entry country. GainPay is developing payments and clearing in Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana, Kuwait, Senegal, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Meanwhile, GainPay has partnered with digital currency acceptors in some countries and regions.