The decentralized (multi-centralized) global clearing and settlement system of GainPay is based on the global payment chain, in which a series of assets are linked. The most critical part is anchoring legal currency, then solving the inefficiency and insecure relating issues with distributed computing + main side chain + cross-chain computing technology. Finally, finish the project of building a terminal trading system with decentralized wallet, Exchanges and payment equipment.


Large aggregation payment system + global payment chain = de-trust settlement and free flow of assets worldwide

Comprehensive payment system

GainPay supports all traditional mobile payment methods and all GainPay ecological digital currency payments. At the same time, GainPay will provide global clearing and settlement capability by any ways. Merchants and users can easily manage their assets by the management system (cashier system, merchant platform, decentralized wallet, etc.) provided by GainPay, and can choose to withdraw the relating legal currencythey want at any time .

Global payment chain

GainPay builds the main payment chain together with partners, and authorities will deploy no less than seven bookkeeping nodes all over the world, including the first group of governments and Banks with cohesive cooperation.In order to improve the payment performance, GainPay will build more application chains, and all digital assets will only be public in the main chain, and transactions will be done in different application chains by our self-developed cross-chain technology.